What Are Your fears?

What Are You Afraid Of? I used to be afraid of night, afraid of the dark, afraid that just beyond the point my eye sight allow me to see that there was something….. lurking. Afraid that the darkness itself will somehow surround me and swallow me up. That’s if the darkness or anything more than

Power Of Commitment

Commitment is like jumping off the roof of a house. Once you take the jump, there is no way of going back up; there is no way of undoing the act, you must follow through until you reach your destination, until you have achieved your goals. In 1519, Hernando Cortez, a Spanish soldier, landed in

10 Tips For Success

Tips For Success At Work Jon has only been writing books for about a decade. During that decade, he lost his job, he went ahead and opened restaurants. Jon went from being broke, busted and about to lose his home, to becoming one of the most successful authors and corporate speakers in America. During his

The Success’ Secret

The Secret Of Success During a meeting of top salespeople from around the country, the ‘big cheese’ himself, a man who’d consistently had the highest sales figures for the last 20 years, and who earned more money than even the owner of his company, got up to speak. “I am now going to reveal the