10 Tips For Success At Work

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Tips For Success At Work And Home

Jon has only been writing books for about a decade. During that decade, he lost his job, he went ahead and opened restaurants. Jon went from being broke, busted and about to lose his home, to becoming one of the most successful authors and corporate speakers in America.

During his interview, Jon shared 10 tips for success at work and home:

1. Studies show that optimistic people outperform pessimistic people in every area of business and wealth building!

2. Research shows that over 50% of your self talk is negative so, you should start talking to yourself, rather than just listening to yourself.

3. Focus on the good and the positive thoughts and reject the bad and negative thoughts. The young man said to the wise man, “I have 2 dogs fighting inside of me, the negative and the positive! How can I know which will win?” The wise man said, “The one you feed will win!”

4. Don’t hang around negative people… because they will impact you more than you will impact them. Gandhi said, “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet!”

5. Life is like a bus…you must decide to be the driver of your bus. Stop letting others control your future. Decide to take control of your life!

6. Fill up your bus daily with positive fuel. Staying positive is a competitive advantage!

7. Don’t waste energy on those who don’t get on your bus. Focus on getting the right, positive people on your bus.

8. Drive your bus with purpose! Purpose is like going on a cross-country trip with gas stations every twenty miles…it keeps filling you up for the journey.

9. Make a commitment to do your best, and let God do the rest!

10. Have fun and enjoy the ride! Realize that life does not have to be hard. You must work hard to succeed, but you do not have to live a hard life as part of the price of success!

Ewuzie Ebuka

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