3 Tips On How To Avoid Losing Your Money Through Your Atm Card

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How To Protect Your Debit Card

how to protect your debit card

I often hear people complain about losing their money through their ATM or online by hackers. Sadly, this is bad. This can be as a result of ignorance or carelessness. Most people are more conscious of their debit card pin. However, you can still experience theft even if no one knows your debit card pin. Here are few tips on how to protect your ATM card even if your pin secret:

Tip 1

Don’t Use Your Debit Card on Public Wireless Access for Financial Transactions.

Free things like free WiFi can be tempting to use but be careful when using them. Hackers have a chance of capturing your password, card and account details.

Tip 2

Report loss or theft!
Your ATM card contains vital information on its body which is enough to rip your money without your pin. So report lost or stolen credit cards immediately to your financial institution. Also be careful of whom you give your ATM card to use.

Tip 3

Avoid use on untrusted site

Make sure the page address of the site you want to use your debit starts with https:// rather than http://. The extra “s” shows that the site uses an encryption system to scramble your information. The “s” doesn’t mean the transaction is 100% safe.

If you have any other tip(s), you can share that by using the comment box. I will be glad to hear from you.

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