6 Tips To Get Google AdSense Account Approved

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The dream of every blogger is being able to make money from their blog. Google AdSense is one of the ways to actualized this dream.

Google AdSense is a program that pays blog or website’s owners of each ad being clicked on their blog.

How Can I Get Google AdSense Account

The question is, how can I get or get approved for google AdSense. On the internet, different bloggers has different views on this. Some have written long list on the requirements in order to be approved.

However, in this article I will share 6 tips based on my experience on how to get Google AdSense.

Tip 1

Get a responsive theme

A responsive theme is a theme that has a good layout. It adjust its layout based on the screen size, easy to navigate and has good mobile view. This can be free or premium inasmuch it is responsive. You can get free and premium responsive themes at my theme shop.

Tip 2

Have an About Us Page

Create a page and name it “about us”. Write about your blog or yourself.

Tip 3

Have Contact Us page

This is quite easy to be done. Just create a page and name it “contact us”. Then place a form for your viewers to contact you or any means you can be contacted. See mine.

Tip 4

Have a Privacy Policy page

This can be easily done by using “privacy policy generator” like free private policy. Copy, paste and edit it on the new page you will create. Check out how I setup mine.

Tip 5

Have Disclaimer Page

This can also be done using disclaimer generator. Copy, paste and edit to your satisfaction.

Tip 6

Have a good content

This is the most important of all I have listed. As it is usually said “ content is king”. No doubt, this is very true. My first blog (deecircuit.com) wasn’t approved by Google even after setting up all the first 5 tips. I applied severally without success.

There are two criteria to know if a content is quality;

  • Content Length – This is very important. A standard content shouldn’t be less than 300 words if you really want to be approved by google. More preferably, your content should be up to 1000 words. I got approved with only 11 posts. None of the 11 posts were less than 300 words. About 7 of the post’s length ranges from 500- 1000 words.
  • Originality– This is the most important when it comes to content creation. Google loves original content. If you have contents with over 2000 words but it isn’t original forget about getting approved by Google.

The combination of the 6 tips can get your blog approved for AdSense. I got approved on my first application and my blog was over a month old.


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