All You Need Is A Push

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There lived a great king in a great village, he had only one child which happens to be a beautify damsel. He cherishes her so much that he decided that not just any man can marry her.

As this beautify damsel became mature enough for marriage. Her father the king decided to summon all the able young men in the village to his palace. When the news got to the young men of the villagers that the king want to give out his daughter hand in marriage to a lucky man who could win her daughters heart. All the men were so excited, most of them started dressing well, putting on a nice clothings and made sure they never over work themselves with the day to day activities before the appointed day comes.

Finally, the long awaited day came; all the young men were summoned in the king’s palace. As the king start to address all the men, he said to them it was a great privileged for any one among you to win the hand of my daughters in marriage. But the lucky man that will emerge has to prove to me that he is qualify to take care of my daughter.

The king said he has a little test for the young men, any one who can pass this test will have opportunity to choose between this three option that I will offer.

First; will give the person $1,000,000

Secondly; will give the person 10 acres of land to any area of his choice

Thirdly; will give the person my daughters hand in marriage.

When the king was through with his prizes options, all the young men were so excited to embark on the kings test, they all started shouting , my lord king please tell us what the test is, we are ready for any test. Then the king requested that they all should follow him that he want to show them something.

The king finally brought them to his swimming pool, as the young men approach the swimming pool almost half of them ran back. Right in the swimming pool are different kinds of aquatic animals. e.g crocodile, different kinds of sneak.

The king said to all the young men, this is my test: any one among you who could swim from this edge of the swimming pool to the other edge without being hurt by any of the aquatic organism will be qualify to claim any of the listed prices.

After the king has finish with his proposal, almost 95% of the young men left.

Some of young men said I know the rich will never give you a thing on a platter of gold, some said I know this man is very wicked how did he think that any one could survive such test while some said this man want us to embark on a suicide mission. If I must die let me die a honorably not this kind of death.

While they are complaining and murmuring, they had a shout. what? Some one was inside the swimming pool, how he got there no body knows.

Most of the young men rush back to the swimming pool to see how the young man will survive that test. As the first sneak came to attack the man, he dive it and escape while the second crocodile came he also dive it and escaped, the third one almost eat him but he survive it and came out at the other edge of the swimming pool. Every body was amaze at his courage and his gut.

The king was so excited that he went to the young man while he was still panting and said to him. I never believe that any one could take such a risk to pass my test.

He asks the young man to choose out of the three options, he said that will be given to any man who pass his test. But the young man was still seriously panting and shaking.

The king ask him, will you prefer to take $1millon, the young man said no, do you prefer 10acres of land in any place of your choice, the young man still said No, then the king thought that what the young man need may be the hand of his daughter for marriage. He asked the young do you want the hand of my daughter in marriage, the young also said no.

At this stage some of his friends said is he mad; how can he reject all the offer may be his yet to recover from the shock he went through.

The young man said I am in my right senses and I am not shock; all I need is to know is the person that “PUSHED” me into the swimming pool. It was then discovered that the young man didn’t jump into the swimming pool intentionally, someone “PUSHED” Him.

The king said to him son whether you are pushed or you pushed yourself, the most important thing is that you survived my test and my reward will be given to you.

My great readers sometimes all you need to get to the place of your destiny might be just a push; some times you might not know what you are carrying on the inside until you are pushed.

Stop pitying yourself because all you need to success is in you but until you are pushed into it, you might never fulfill destiny in life.

Just hang out with the people who inspires you because in the process they will cause you to find out what is inside of you through their “PUSH”.

Shout this aloud “I NEED A PUSH”. You can get more of this from one of my best selling book “JUST KEEP MOVING”. To order for a copy visit this blogspot to see some of our books.

The top is sure!

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