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Best VPNs:The use of VPN has increased among Internet users in the past 10 years. This need arise in order to protect their identity when surfing the net. VPN is a Virtual Private Network, it is a connection method which is used to add security and privacy to private and public networks, like WiFi Hotspots and the Internet. Virtual Private Networks are most often used by corporations to protect sensitive data.

There are over 15 VPNs in the market both paid and free. So how can you choose the best and right one to use. Reddit users are best-known for their unbiased and honest opinions on almost everything. No matter whether they are reviewing a product or service,etc or registration , you’ll be able to be assured that Reddit users will say specifically what they mean.

Furthermore, since Reddit isn’t an affiliate web site, it makes it one of the most effective places to show for unbiased views on Virtual personal Networks (VPNs). Reddit users from across the planet share their experiences of their usage with different VPNs in real-world things.

The only problem with unbiased and honest reviews from folks across the world is that there are pages and pages of threads to search out the data you wish to see.

But, don’t worry, we’ve done the hardwork for you and we have rounded up the foremost counseled VPNs in line with Reddit users

These VPNs predicated upon the raw, real, and skilled opinions and reviews by folks on Reddit regarding their experiences with varied VPN services.

So, these are the 5 best VPNs according to Reddit users, this is not in any particular ranking.

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • Private Internet Access
  • IPVanish
  • CyberGhost


Best VPN: ExpressVPN

Expressvpn free trial

One of most impressive reasons why Reddit says it is the best VPN is that ExpressVPN is one of the very few which can still help users access US Netflix from any other location. Apart from this, its overall performance and speed is what hooked many Redditors up with them despite the fact that it is one of the most expensive services in the industry.

Here’s what u/bigkenw said about ExpressVPN:

I had used IPVanish, they were great a year ago, but around the time they updated their Windows 10 client I have had nothing but issues with connection speed. Additionally to get client installs working required me to disabling some security features in Windows. So…time to look around. I had locked my choice of VPN down to a IVPN and ExpressVPN. The lack of a native Android client (yet) on IVPN made the choice easy. I have done the OpenVPN setup, I just don’t like the lack of a user friendly client so opted to stay away from that setup with IVPN for now.

The client is uniform across every device I have used (Windows, Android, and Amazon FireOS). I would like to say I was quite happy that ExpressVPN is one of the few VPNs (that seem trustworthy) that actually had a client in the Amazon App Store for the Fire tablets. No more need for sideloading, manual updates, or sketchy OpenVPN clone clients. At first the speeds weren’t the greatest on the “Smart Location” server (New York). These speeds capped at about 12Mbps down and 10Mbps up. I have 150Mbps/15Mbps service. After hunting for other servers I found a few that provide roughly 60Mbps/15Mbps service throughout the US and Canada. DNS Leak tests were successful in that I am not leaking.

As of now, I am very happy with the service. I would still love to see them up the speed of their connections.


Here’s another:

I am about to renew after my first year with them and have had zero issues. Speed is consistent and when I switch to a different continent there is minimal lag. I do leak tests sporadically and have not found one. They aren’t the cheapest, but in my book they are among the best.

See more reviews of Express VPN on Reedit.

In addition, the apps are also very impressive in terms of usability and design. Reddit keeps everything into consideration and when it says something is decent, we believe it really is. Also, we found that it is also proved to be commendable when it came to P2P for many users on Reddit. See info here.


Best VPN:NordVPN

NordVPN Review

NordVPN is also regarded as the US Netflix unblocker because after ExpressVPN it is the one which helped users go through the blockades on US Netflix. Also, the Redditors foun its speed to be impressive too, which we found in our evaluation too.

Here’s what a user said about NordVPN:

I’ve been using NordVPN for a few months now and have no complaints. Speed was also not a dealbreaker for me but i’ve found the speed of NordVPN to be impressive and it certainly doesn’t hurt

In addition, Reddit also seems to love how NordVPN performs, specially the apps. Who does not like great usability, convenience, and the reliable service? That’s the reason why Redditors regarded NordVPN as the best VPN too.


Below is what a Reddit user said:

This is less of a “review” than as to my experience with them and why i chose them. After a frustrating 1-week or so venture into the world of VPN, I am posting in hopes of helping others. The disclaimer is as a normal nontechnical guy I made my decision based on these criteria in order: SPEED (way above all else) internet reviews, Interface, Price, did it work on my phone as well, support.

Basically, all I want is to browse security and not be hindered whatsoever (or at least not be aware I am).

I am making this short, AMA if you need more deets:

SPEED: Easily the fastest. Like far and above. I am in Phoenix and connecting to a phoenix server, which indeed helps. But when i connect to their others (which all seem to hover around 41% utilization) I also get/got double the speeds of others. One other service was similar down, but up was often less than 1 mbps!

Reviews: Since i don’t know this stuff, I am dependent upon others (you fine folks). And uhh, NordVM actually has quite a few negative reviews. But also enough positive ones that i gave them a try. I am glad I did – I not only like the interface best, but it renders correctly on my 4K screen, others did NOT at all (such as the all popular PIA). So the reviews allowed me to discover them, but i surely read a lot of negative. I also know the NordVPN seems to have a bad rap on speeds…but that simply is not what i found. However, see the thing about IPv6 leaks. I dont know to read the results so not sure about that.

Anyway, that all said, I am hereby adding to a positive review….

Price: Using their 2 year promo makes it a deal. Mobile: It worked, although this i am not 100% sureI have that exactly.

Service: In 2 days I contacted them 4 times (2 issues, 4 exchanges). One was for billing issue, which they resolved immediately, and the other was for their mobile app, which was having an install issue due to what turned out to be my twilight app. They responded immediately and fixed both.

SO there you go. Props to NordVPN, I hope it continues to work out and these speeds are not a fluke.

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Private Internet Access

PIA - cheap vpn

Apart from that newspaper ad, we would love to mention that Private Internet Access has its own subreddit which has more than 3300 subscribers. We think it is because of their amazing tagline i.e. ‘always use protection’. We practice what we preach and I hope they do too.

So, PIA is regarded because of its really affordable price and the speeds on Reddit. Many Redditors claimed that they get better speed on PIA than various other providers.

Also, Private Internet Access is also favorable because of its P2P support and string stance on protecting the privacy of users. However, it still is sometimes condemned on Reddit to be a US based provider.


IPVanish Review

IP Vanish has been one of the most impressive services and it is still regarded as a good service. Many users on Reddit have complimented the service for its good speeds and performance. It is a good service when it comes to streaming and string connection which are the great traits.

Here’s a review of Ipvanish by a Redditor:

I use Kodi and IPTV so went looking for a VPN for that. I am not a big torrent user but do nzb. NZB doesn’t overly concern me so was mainly interested for usage with Kodi and IPTV. My main box is an Nvidia Shield. IPvanish is one of the very few that have an Android TV app. Yes, I know you can side load or use other apps with inputed settings etc. but wanted something simple to use. Kodi and IPTV took enough tinkering to get working correctly. Plus it auto connects so I don’t have to train my wife or kids on using it. Add apps for regular Android and iOS on top of that I was sold on giving it a try.

I paid ~$58 for two years with the 7 day refund period. Googled around and found the best discounts of the day and signed up. Didn’t have any issues with that process.

Downloaded the apps and gave it a shot. I’m in NC and it auto server detect gave me one in Arizona. I was on mobile with 20mbps speed at the time. VPN sent that down to 5mbps. Changed to Atlanta and went to 10mbps. Played around with for a little while but didn’t put to much effort as I was at work. Got home and hit 65-70mbps regularly. (Atlanta, closest to me.) Back on mobile areas with high speed I also hit that same range. (But those areas are very small as my local isn’t a mobile mecha for the carriers to saturate.) I’ve had pretty much zero disconnects so it has been reliable but the real test in that area will be over time. I am completely satisfied with the service. The apps were what sold me and the speeds have been great. Honestly at 20mbps I would have happy as none of the streaming takes more than that.

Now if you have advanced needs or are particular about having servers outside the US, torrenting or other things it may or may not be as good. But for my simple needs of keeping my ISP from seeing my traffic and using for browsing while connected to public wifi it is a great option I am completely satisfied with.

In addition, IP Vanish has been impressive in terms for many users but it certainly soes not impress many when it comes to price, because you got to give people the best bang for the buck. With higher cost, great performance and features should be there. That is why Ben Parker ‘With great powers comes great responsibilities’. Sorry if you think it does not fit well, but wanted to remember Uncle Ben.

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Cheap VPN Service

CyberGhost is one of the oldest VPN services there are and it has been popularly used because of its freemium model. However, since the privacy has become a great deal for the world on the web, CyberGhost could not impress many on Reddit.

The speeds of CyberGhost are not bad for everyone. This Redditor had some option messed up which reduced his speed but then he fixed it and CyberGhost provided decent speeds.

Although Redditors talk about it a lot, but it is mainly because of the free version, however, it still comes among the best VPN as per Reddit.


So, now you have seen what Reddit thinks about the best VPN services. We have not included the negative comments and complaints of Redditors because you know how brutal Redditors can get if you have been to Reddit ever. What do you think about it? Let us know below!

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  • November 14, 2018 at 2:13 pm

    I think I might have been participating in this discussion on Reddit too. I personally use NordVPN too and like the Reddit user mentioned I too have no real complaints. I’d like to see live chat support option directly on the application though, for quick advise regarding best servers at certain time etc.


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