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15 Fruits That Can Help You Lose Weight

Do you know that apart from vitamins and minerals found in fruits, it can help you lose weight? Of course it can. It can help you eliminate fat in your body. Experts suggest that fruits should be included in your diet if you’re really want to lose weight In this article we share 15 fruits

10 Health Benefits Of Watermelon

  What do you know about watermelon. Do you know watermelon has the capacity to boost your energy level, fight cancer, improve eyesight, help in weight loss, etc. Read this article and find out what it can do. Watermelon has up to ninety percent water, and what they might lack in calories, they absolutely make

Mesothelioma survival rate

Mesothelioma survival rate;About 38-46 percent of early-stage pleural mesothelioma patients survive two years after diagnosis, and 10-16 percent survive five years, according to the American Cancer Society. For late-stage patients, 17-30 percent survive two years, and 1-8 percent survive five years. Historically, survival rates for mesothelioma are measured in terms of one-year survival. However, more

Health Insurance- Types, Plans And Benefits

What is Health Insurance   Health insurance is a type of insurance that covers expense of health care ( whether medical or surgical expenses) of the insured. Health insurance is also known as medical insurance or medicare. It protects the insured from paying full expense when they are sick or injured. An insured is an

Ulcer, Types, Causes, Symptoms And Prevention

What you will learn in this article: What is ulcer Types What is stomach ulcer Causes of stomach ulcer Symptoms of stomach ulcer Treatment of stomach ulcer Food to avoid Food to eat Prevention of stomach ulcer What is peptic ulcer? Peptic ulcers are a fairly common health problem. Peptic ulcers are sores that form