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Top 13 Valentine’s Day Gift For Him & Her

Valentine’s Day is almost here again. I guess what’s buzzing your mind right now is how to make that special person in your life feel loved and appreciated. Definitely this can be achieved through the gift you give to them because everyone loves gifts especially the ladies. The question is “ What can I give”,

All You Need to Know About Courtship

There is a point in our lives where the transition from single hood to marriage comes to play. The bond or link to get from the former to the latter is termed “COURTSHIP.” What is Courtship? This is an intentional period of relationship between two individuals before marriage. This period entails an in depth study

7 Reasons People Fall In Love

Relationship is quite interesting and fun especially if the feeling is mutual. There are many reasons people fall in love. If it is true love then it should not be intentional. I can say people sometimes don’t fall in love intentionally because love is a natural feeling it happens on it’s own especially at a

What Is Love

What Really Is Love One of the most powerful emotions a human being can experience is love. Have you ever wonder what it means to really love someone or be in love? Is love really how it is being portrayed in movies and romance novels?  “The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we