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Gulder Ultimate Search Registration Guide 2018

Gulder Ultimate Search is here again. Gulder Ultimate Search was created and sponsored by Nigerian Breweries Plc to promote the Gulder Lager Beer. The first season was in 2004, produced on the Snake Island Lagos State and Mr.ugo Egwuagwu was the winner. Gulder Ultimate Search is Africa’s number 1 TV reality show, Gulder Ultimate Search Season 13 is here. Tne Registration form for all who might be interested in participating in

Top Interesting facts You Need To Know

Here are over 50 random facts, I have collected over the Internet you need to know. Enjoy! French fries are from Belgium, and not from France. If you commit any crime at a sea, you are considered a pirate. Pirates used to cover on eye with a black patch to improve their night vision Male puppies let female puppies win

Caroline Mutoko Leadership Award 2018 For Young Kenyans To Attend One Young World Summit in the Hague| Requirements

Details For Caroline Mutoko Leadership Award 2018 Application Deadline: 16 May 2018 Caroline Mutoko is a One Young World Counsellor, the CMO of Radio Africa Group and a leading Kenyan media personality with a radio career that spans more than 15 years. Caroline is, without doubt, the first female broadcaster to command the morning airwaves with a

Three Types Of People

Three Types Of Friends A teacher shows three toys to a student and asks the student to find out the differences. All the three toys are seemed to be identical in their shape, size and material. After keen observation, the student observes holes in the toys. 1st toy it has holes in the ears. 2nd

The Revolution

First, I want this to be buried in the centre of our hearts that, ‘’the man that says it can’t be done is generally overtaken by someone doing it’’. And trust me nothing can be more embarrassing than that. Our world today is largely on the run and our inability to reinvent ourselves to run