15 Fruits That Can Help You Lose Weight

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Do you know that apart from vitamins and minerals found in fruits, it can help you lose weight? Of course it can. It can help you eliminate fat in your body.

Experts suggest that fruits should be included in your diet if you’re really want to lose weight

In this article we share 15 fruits that can help you lose weight.

1. Avocado: This is the first fruit to top the list and that too for a reason. It’s simple. Because it is the best fruit for weight loss.

Avocado is enriched with omega 9 fatty acids and is a great way to lose weight. It speeds up metabolism by burning the fat and boosting energy. You will also derive several other health benefits. So have an avocado on a regular basis and you will lose weight and stay fit. So make a salad or guacamole and the difference will be visible.

2. Guava: They are rich in fiber and also activate the metabolic rate which helps in weight loss.

3. Pear: A great source of vitamin C and fiber which keeps you full and digest slowly. Pears are also known to keep your cholesterol levels in check.

4. Bananas: Did you know bananas are botanically considered a berry? It’s no wonder, then, that they’re high in protein like their more traditional berry cousins. One medium banana contains around three grams.

5. Mango: Summertime is the perfect time for snacking on juicy mangoes, which contain about five grams of fiber per serving. Try our Clean Eating Mango Orange Smoothie, or layer sliced mangoes over plain Greek yogurt for a sweet treat that will fill you up.

6. Oranges: Add some tang to your diet with this nutrient-dense, low-calorie fruit. Orange help you burn more than you eat.

7. Blueberries: These are rich in antioxidants and help in boosting metabolic rate. Regular consumption is also known to reduce insulin resistance, hypertension and cholesterol.

8. Strawberries: help in the production of fat burning hormones adiponectin and leptin resulting in higher metabolism.

9: Peaches: They are very filling as water composes 89 percent of their weight. Being rich in fiber, they help in reducing hunger.

10. Watermelon: It is rich in amino acid arginine which helps in burning fat.

11. Lemon: You can never find a combination unlike lemon and honey that will marvelously help you lose weight. Lemon is a weight management fruit that has wallops of riboflavin, Vitamin B, minerals like phosphorus and magnesium, not to mention Vitamin C. Drink a concoction of lemon and honey every morning and there’s no better way to start your day than with this detoxifier.

12. Grapefruit: Recent studies have shown that people consuming grapefruit on a daily basis tend to lose much more weight than if they don’t do so. Grape is a high carbohydrate fruit that is best taken as part of your breakfast because it can compensate for the night’s fasting with its high sugar content and will also help in the day’s digestive process for your body.

13. Pomegranate: Grace yourself with pomegranate seeds as it deserves all the attention it garners in the nutrition world. Its seeds are rich in antioxidants, fibers and water content. What more? They are low in calories, so chew a couple of these pomegranate seeds and it will not sabotage your diet.

14. Pineapple: What is the deal with pineapples and weight loss? Pineapples are rich in antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and you name it. But what helps it lose weight? Well, it’s the fact that this fruit is free of cholesterol and fat.

15. Apples: It’s one of the easiest foods to grab and eat on the go, and lo and behold, apples will also help you whittle your waistline. One medium apple contains between four and five grams of fiber. Be sure not to peel it—the peel is where all the good stuff is at!

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