6 Secrets on How To Get The Right Gift For Someone

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How To Get The Right Gift For Someone

How To Get The Right Gift For Someone

Everyone loves gifts old or young, rich or poor irrespective of their gender or age. Getting the right gift for someone shows how sensible, sensitive, observant and caring you can be. The right gift is one that makes both you and the gifee as happy as possible.

These are some of the questions people have asked:

  • What is the right gift can I get for someone special.
  • What gift can I get for my best friend.
  • What gift can I get for my mother.
  • What gift can I get for my father
  • What gift can I get for a brother.
  • What gift can I get for a sister.
  • What gift can I get for a teacher.

The list is endless.

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It quite painful and a waste of resources to buy a gift for person and it is not appreciated.
The question is, what is the right gift will my loves ones appreciate if i buy that for them? The best way to buy the right gift for anybody or better said a gift which will be appreciated is by asking them what they really want. That makes the task easier.

Sometimes, they may not be exact on they really want, some are even confused on what they want. They may reply with these answers:

  • I don’t know
  • I will appreciate anything

Some know what they want but they don’t want to get you bothered. Sometimes you may want to surprise them but how can you do that? By buying expensive gifts? Of course not, it’s not buying expensive gifts that makes it to be appreciated by the giftee. It depends on a lot of factors.

In this article, I will show you 6 secrets on how to get the right gift for someone or anybody or how to get the right gift that will be appreciated by the giftee. Yes, I mean 6 things or factors you need to consider before you ever think of buying or getting a gift for a someone. You can never go wrong with these factors. They are:

Secret #1 – Age

Secret #2 – Their hobby or passion.

Secret #3 – Occasion

Secret #4 – Know their wish list.

Secret #5 – Something of value.

Secret #6 – Ask yourself what the person needs.

Let’s move on!

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Secret #1 – Age

These are some of the questions people asked in this category:

  • Gift ideas for kids
  • Gift ideas for children
  • Gift ideas for adults
  • Gift ideas for old man
  • Gift ideas for old woman

The age of the person you want to buy a gift for, should be considered. You can’t buy a toy for an adult. Definitely, it wouldn’t be appreciated. Do you get that?

Secret #2 – Their Hobby or Passion

Everyone has a hobby, everyone is passionate about something. It can be playing game, football, reading, singing, listening to music, the list is endless. I have a brother who is a writer, motivational and inspirational speaker. He loves reading, what do you think I can get for him as a gift? Books! Yeah that’s very right not just books but a motivational and inspirational books. He will so much appreciate that.

Take 2 minutes or more and make a list of all the things the person is interested in. After you’ve done that, brainstorm on every item on that list, small or big, cheap or expensive. You can get a combination of few of the items for them.

If you have friend who loves listening to music, you can buy a music player, music hat, etc. How about a friend who is a fan of a football, getting an Arsenal’s jersey isn’t a bad idea if he/ she is a fan of Arsenal football club. The list goes on and on like that. Just think! Gift Ideas will come and your giftee will appreciate how thoughtful you were.

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Secret #3 – Occasion

Of course the occasion matters when thinking of what gift to get for someone.

These are some of the questions people asked in this category:

  • What gift idea can I give to her on her Birthday
  • Gift idea for him on his birthday
  • Gift idea for her on Valentine’s day
  • Gift idea for him on Valentine’s day.
  • What gift can I give on graduation day.
  • What gift can I give on wedding’s day.
  • Gift idea for Christmas.
  • What gifts for wedding.

To every occasion, there is always a perfect you give to the celebrant.

Secret #4 – Wish List

As long as the earth exist, wish list will come to an end. Everyone has a wish list. If you are really close to person, one way or the other, you might have heard them wished they had this or that but they can’t afford it. Making their wish come true isn’t a bad gift idea, in fact they’ll never forget that in a hurry. This shows them, how sensitive you are to their needs. This is a great way to surprise them.

Secret #5 – Something Of Value

When I say ‘something of value‘, I don’t mean in terms of price but shelf life (ability to last for long). I’m not saying buying expensive gifts isn’t good. When buying a gift, it advisable you something that can last for a life time. Something tangible, something when they see, they remember you.

Ask Yourself what That Person Needs

This requires you become observant, if the person still wear an old shoes, watch, etc. It’s a sign that they really need one of that.

That’s all on the Secrets on how to get the right gift for someone. I hope you really enjoyed this article. Share this article with others, they might need it.

If you have any suggestion on this subject, use the comment box.

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