Give Me My Childhood Back

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We were not poor, we were not rich, we were not average, but we were satisfied with what we had.

I was not born in the South, neither was it in the West. I couldn’t find a place in neither the East, nor in the scorching sun of the North. I was born in a place without a name, outside the West, in a dry land of mighty oceans. I was born inside the rock, where nothing grows but stones. I folded my hands while landing from heaven, and if they had opened my hands. I had with me sands of nations, which I had played with for nine months in my mother’s womb. I remember my childhood, and I wish I can get it back!

Cared for by a woman who understood what it meant to carry heaven in her womb. Hated with love, by those who were disgusted by my existence. But the joy of childhood lies in innocence; for the little child has no reason to be suspicious. The mind of a child is the mind of heaven; only a man with such a heart will be qualified to possess The Kingdom above the earth.

Give me my childhood back. I played with the sand in front of the house, bathed in the rain with a dirty pant and a clean mindset. I loved the opposite sex without any strange feelings, but when knowledge got introduced into my childhood. I was given the definition of corruption. I began to learn new words, and immorality was one of them. Give me my childhood back; those days when I knew nothing but my name.

Life taught me lessons using different methods. I learnt by observation, experience and exposure. I soon began to drop the joy of my childhood, for an adulthood of pride and competition; my childhood is the best illustration of a friendly game. We played games but they were friendly, even though we got injured at times.

I want my childhood back. Moments before the arrival of that deep voiced man. He was one of the teachers that life employed to teach me. I slept and the enemy came. I woke up, but he planted his seed in me forcefully.

Murder! The gateman of my womb had just been killed; his blood was everywhere on my clothes and bed. I lost confidence in myself! I couldn’t focus on life again! I had been travelling on a journey of no return; following just the path that life led me to. I had never been emotionally balanced ever since, for I detest beholding the sight of men. But then, I had not been able to resist the touch of the very cunning ones.

If I could only get my childhood back! I was just an innocent girl, whose parents sold to an elderly man without my notice. I stopped seeing my childhood and found myself in a neighbourhood where I answered as “the new wife”. I was married to a Man older than my father; the first night he touched me, it was by force, for I had never seen such a rod. I got pregnant without any breast; I was an underaged wife under the touch of an over aged man. I couldn’t push as was required, I lost my baby; I almost died in the arms of professional quacks; for my old husband believed in traditional midwifery than medical.

That was actually what his pocket could afford. I was soon replaced by another girl – wife, for I had lost my womb, and could not conceive again! Something started happening to me; I started losing my weight. The neighbourhood started calling me “a witch”. I lost my self esteem and I wish I had never become a wife; I wish I could have my childhood back, even as I now approach the grave on my sickbed.

Don’t give me treatment, don’t say sorry to me; just give me my childhood back! Give me a childhood that needed not to depend on failures, for my welfare was guaranteed and I was satisfied with what I was given. If only I could just have my childhood back, I would stay there till I grow up again.

This article understands you,even if you claim not to understand it. We live in a world where people prefer to grow old and not grow up. It’s rather better never to have had some experiences that introduced us to some dimensions that we find difficult to get out from. Some of us have met some people,that if we had our way,we could rewind the time and avoid meeting them. Of course,it’s good to grow up,but it’s better to have the mind of a child;for without it,our existence ends here on earth.

This Article was inspired by the movie “DRY“.


©Manume Excel

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