Now That You Handle The Wheel; Where Are You Headed To?

handle the wheel
handle the wheel

Hello youth, Now that you handle the wheel, which direction are you headed to…….?
Your parents jubilated happily and excitedly when you jumped out of your mother’s womb after nine months of incubation, you were nurtured, nursed and was carried like a king.

They watched you grow up, sent you to primary school, made sure you were provided with the necessary requirements needed; they made sure you stand out among your mates in school.

You come back from school, told them about a fee you were asked to pay, they promised to give you the next morning before you will be off to school. Deep inside of them, they are looking for ways to make it up to you. Sometimes they have to borrow, sometimes they sold their property (s) but they wouldn’t tell you.

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In your secondary school, they hustled for your junior WAEC and senior WAEC fee; they went through a lot to make just to make sure their child becomes somebody tomorrow. They watched you every day, taught you how to live a good life, sometimes they yell at you not because they hated you but because they loved you and to scare you away from evil.

You are now in the university; you live with your parents no more. They are ignorant of how you live your life and before then, they have given you parental advice just to make sure your future is not interrupted.
Now, where are you headed to….?

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Are you going to end up a drug addict, an alcoholic or cultist? Are you going to end up doing evil?
or Are you going to pay them back by excelling and making them proud? Will you remember how much they’ve sacrificed just to make sure you are where you are now? Will you remember how they spent hours under the sun just to make sure you are healthy and you are not disturbed base on school fee and other fees?
Hello youth! Now that you handle the wheel where are you headed to…..?

Written by: Nnamdi Godian Obinna (N. G. O)

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