How To Create Paypal Account That Receives Money In Nigeria

If you shop online or offer services online then you must had heard of Paypal.

PayPal is one the biggest and most popular financial service across the world. Millions of people use it every day for making payments online and also receiving money. More and more people prefer working with PayPal because it is reliable and fast in terms of payments and getting your finances from all over the world.

In Nigeria, you can own a paypal account but it has some limitations i.e you can not receive money with your verified PayPal account. This is as a result of:

1. Banking System. The banking system in some African countries, unlike Nigeria are not entirely well-designed (to receive/send electronic transactions). So, it is hard to transact online while you have no steady electricity or stable internet connections.

However, many countries is fast in development and trying to solve the problem – countries like South Africa and Egypt have gone far and embraced the obstacles in dealing with online payments and transactions. Their banking systems have improved and people with the right credit and master cards can easily buy goods and services online.

2. Governments policy about the deluge or rather out flux of foreign currency like Euro, British Pounds sterling and the US Dollar. The fear of the financial concept “Capital Flight” has made many African governments keep up a strict control on the surge of foreign countries in their separate nations.

For example, recently the current president of Nigeria, Mohammed Buhari restricted the deposit/receiving of U.S dollar in Nigeria . You can only receive dollar in Nigeria if you have a domiciliary account.

3. Irregular state of potential Online Fraud: This would relate more to Nigeria, Egypt, and Ghana. The occurrence of fraud reported from these countries are high compared to other countries like South Africa that can easily use PayPal, and other online businesses are looking at this to be a high risk of doing business in these countries.

In addition, Online-screening databases have marked these countries as red- flag. Even though, you have legitimate companies who are in this way adversely affected. Not many online merchants or eBay sellers would ship to these countries.


Many Nigerians still wonder how to receive money through PayPal in Nigeria without any problem or get blocked by PayPal.

However, In this article I will show you:

  • How to open a verified PayPal account.
  • How to open verified PayPal here in Nigeria that can receive and send money across the world and without VPN.

How To Open/Create Paypal Account In Nigeria

Paypal account creation is very simple. Just Follow the steps below:
1. Go to Or open Paypal App
2. Click on the Sign Up button
3. Enter your first and last name
4. Enter your email address
5. Create and confirm your password
6. Click on Next button
7. Enter your house address
8. Enter Postal code and City and Province/Region
9. Enter your date of birth and phone number
10. Accept User Agreement and Privacy Policy
11. Click on Agree and Create Account button
Now you have successfully created your Paypal Account In Nigeria.

Note: You can not receive money with this account. You can only buy or pay with it.

However, we have a perfect solution to this problem. Before I proceed, take a good look at these screenshot below:

Take note of the transactions with a red dot. These are payment received.

As you had seen from the screenshot, I had received severally with this account.

I guess you want something similar like that. You can contact me to create PayPal account that can received money or get my eBook which contains step by step on how to create PayPal account that can receive money across the world. You can get any of these for just a token.

If I charge N15,000 to open a PayPal account that you can use to receive money, that wouldn’t be much when compared to the benefits associated with this full access PayPal’s account. I wouldn’t charge N10,000 either, I understand the situation of the nation right now. To create this PayPal account for you, just pay N3,000 only and to get the complete step by step (eboook) on how to create this account, the price is N4,000 only. This price is only valid for the first 10 people to contact me. You can call/WhatsApp on 09051320626

The prices will be increased thereafter.

Some Questions About This Paypal Account

  • Can I send money with this Nigerian PayPal Account? Yes, you can.
  • Will my account be disabled after some time? No, it wouldn’t.
  • Can I make payments with this PayPal account? Yes you can.
  • Can I receive payment with this Paypal account? Sure,that is the main aim.
  • Do I need to use another address to open this PayPal account? No, you are going to use your Nigerian address.
  • Can I verify this account in Nigeria? Yes, you can verify this PayPal account here in Nigeria.

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Thanks for reading.

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