How To Buy Safely Online  from China And USA

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Have you ever want to import or buy from online China and USA without being fraud? If your answer to that question is yes, then this is for you. Buying Online is quite an interesting and fun activity if you know how to go about it.

For the past 10 years, online shopping has grown enormously to the extent you can shop for clothes, shoes, watches, etc. The most interesting part of buying online is that you can buy anything at anytime wherever you are, all you need is an Internet active computer or a smart phone. There are hundreds of international online stores where you can buy anything you want and get it here in wherever you are.  You can buy either for commercial or personal purposes. Most local ecommerce sites in Nigeria buy from international markets and sell it at a higher price here in Nigeria. You can buy anything as low as $1 and get it here in Nigeria without paying for shipping cost. There are two major places where you can import from they are China and USA or UK. China is mainly known for its cheap products and USA is known for its quality products.

However buying online can be sometimes risky and unreliable if you don’t understand how it works.

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If you want to start importing from either China or USA, then you need to learn the processes involved in it. Get my book ‘Simple Guide To Importation to get started. Everything you need to know on importing from China or USA are well elaborated with pictorial guides for a better comprehension.

In this book you will learn

  • How to buy from China
  • How to buy from USA
  • How to avoid fraudsters
  • How to avoid custom duties.
  • How to get the product to your doorstep
  • How to get massive discount for any product you wish to buy.
  • How to ship it to Nigeria without paying for shipping cost.
  • How to get refund for the product you bought, if you are not satisfied with it and still keep it.

This guide will available for free for the first 20 people at a very limited time after which I will be charging for it.  I will giving out this guide for free so that I can ask them for their honest testimonial which will used in my next copy. To get this book call or Whatsapp me on 09051320626.

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