Kingonomics: Currencies for Transforming Your Business and Life

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Kingonomics: Insights from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Transform Your Business and Your Life

Currencies for Transforming Your Business and Life

We have been inspired and impacted by the dynamic words of Dr. Martin Luther King, from the “I Have a Dream” speech to his final “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” message in Memphis the night before his death. Yet, many of us may not realize how much Dr. King spoke about economic issues – often noting that without economic opportunities, the pursuit of happiness as stated in the Declaration of Independence is impossible!

Social innovator and serial entrepreneur, Dr. Rodney Sampson, has taken the economic message of Dr. King and created the concept called “Kingonomics.” This interview shares these incredible ideas that can change your finances and your future.

Dr. Sampson shared that most people think of currency as money only, but Dr. King lived a life that extolled the multitudinous forms of currency that can create legacy.

Here are the Nine currencies that Dr. Sampson found in the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that can positively impact our lives.

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Currencies That Can Transform Your Business and Life

1. The Currency of Service – To create global impact we must think be service minded. Those who serve at the highest level tend to succeed at the highest levels.

2. The Currency of Connectivity – Those who connect most effectively tend to succeed most effectively. How do people know you and see you. What kind of network do you have?

3. The Currency of Reciprocity – Giving back and giving forward is good for business. Look for ways to help others and they will (in turn) look for ways to help you.

4. The Currency of Positivity – Look at the negative experiences and find ways to turn them into positives.

5. The Currency of Personal Responsibility – As Dr. King learned from Gandhi and used to change the world…”Be the change your want to see in the world!”

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6. The Currency of Character and Dignity – Money magnifies who you are, so Dr. King told us that if you are to be successful you must not act like a dog, or let people treat you like a dog! Be a person of character and dignity!

7. The Currency of Dreaming – Dreams are the seeds for success, so we should write our own internal “I Have A Dream” speech for both our business and our lives!

8. The Currency of Creativity and Innovation – God gave everyone some creativity and ideas. Use the gifts you have been given to create economic prosperity.

9. The Currency of Courage – You can focus on your fears or your faith. You need courage to live your dreams!

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