Night Plan For MTN, GLO, Airtel & 9mobile |Subscription Code, Data Volume

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In this article I will show you how to subscribe for night plan on MTN, Glo, 9mobile and Airtel including the data allotted, data balance, validity and rate. All night plans starts from 12am to 4-5am depending on the network and also they are cost effective. This is a valuable plan for heavy downloaders.

Let’s get started.
MTN, Airtel, 9mobile and Glo Night Plan Subscription Codes.

How To Subscribe For MTN Night Plan

MTN night plan is one the cheapest of all the network in Nigeria apart from Airtel and it costs as low as N25. You will be given 500MB which will be valid from 12am-4am. To subscribe to MTN night plan, simply send “Night” to 131 or dial *406*4*1#.

If it is successful, you will get a message like this “Dear Customer, you have successfully subscribed to MTN Pulse 500MB Night bundle and N25 is deducted from your account. To cancel the subscription, text “stop Night” to 131. Enjoy!”.

Note: You must be on MTN Pulse package to be eligible for this plan. To migrate to MTN pulse simply dial *406# or *406*1#. You can only subscribe only once per day.

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How To Subscribe To Airtel Night Plan

Just like MTN night plan, Airtel night plan cost N25 and 500mb will be given to you. Unlike MTN night plan, Glo Night plan and 9mobile night plan, Airtel night plan validity is from 12am-5am. The wonder part of this, is that you can subscribe again and again once your data get exhausted within that time frame and also you can check your balance.
Note: Before you can subscribe to Airtel night plan you must be on Airtel Smartrybe. To migrate to this plan simply dial *312# and reply 1 to confirm.
After migration to Airtel smartrybe, just dial *312# again and reply the prompt with your wished night plan. Airtel offers N25 for 500MB and N50 for 1.5GB.

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How To Subscribe To Glo Night Plan

Glo Night plan cost N200 and you will given 1GB to browse as you can from 12am – 5am. To subscribe to Glo night plan, simply dial *777# and follow the prompt or dial *127*60# send 60 to 127. You don’t need to migrate to any Glo prepaid plan in order to subscribe to this plan. An alternative to Glo night plan is Glo TGIF Weekend Plan which costs for N500 only, with a data volume of 3GB and it is valid for good 7 days. It is accessible from Saturday 11:59pm to Sunday 12am.
To subscribe to this plan just dial *127*61# or 61 to 127.

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How To Subscribe To 9Mobile Night Plan

9mobile night plan costs N200 for 1GB. The night plan is usable from 12 am to 5 am. To subscribe for 9mobile night plan simply dial *229*3*11#.


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