The Story Of Evander Holyfield- Overcoming Life’s Challenges

Evander Holyfield facing lifes challenges
Evander Holyfield facing lifes challenges
Evander Holyfield facing lifes challenges
Evander Holyfield

The Story Of Evander Holyfield- His Challenges And Victory

In 1994, Evander Holyfield lost his heavyweight title in a twelve-round decision to Michael Moore. He was devastated because he had worked so hard to become the heavyweight champion. In addition to losing his title, he soon found out that there was another, bigger problem. He was diagnosed with a serious heart problem and had to retire from boxing. Within a few weeks he had not one, but two major challenges.

Yet he learned to see his situation differently. It was at a revival that he had his defining moment. During a revival in Philadelphia, he was told that not only would he return to the ring but he would also have incredible success. It was in that moment that he decided to rely on his faith, and it was in that moment that he changed his life and changed the boxing industry.

He decided to concentrate on solution rather than the problem. He could have given up and retreated, but he had the heart of a champion who has learned to see any challenge in life with positive mental attitude. Most people counted him out and said he was finished, but he believed that bigger and better things were on the horizon.

Evander focused on his faith, went back to his vision, and then made the decision to make his situation a plus, not a negative. He worked on his health and continued to pray. He focused all of his energies on his health and his faith. It was not long before his heart diagnosis had changed and his heart was given a clean bill of health. Then he looked at his goal, which was to be the heavyweight champion of the world again.

He looked at what actions needed to be taken and who he had to fight. Finally, he asked himself, “How badly do I want it?” He had to ask the question because he knew in order to reach his goal he had to fight Mike Tyson, the ‘baddest,’ toughest fighter on the planet.

The fight was scheduled and all the media and all the pundits said that Evander Holyfield was going to get killed. But Evander refused to believe what people saw and said. He continued to rely on his faith. He read the story about David and Goliath over and over again and found that anytime you have God with you, you immediately become a majority.

He went into the fight with a dream and great faith, while Mike Tyson was vowing to knock his head off. He fought and fought and fought, and when the fight ended, Evander Holyfield was still standing and Mike Tyson was lying on the canvas.

Evander Holyfield did the impossible. He had overcome a life threatening heart problem. And he had gone on to beat Mike Tyson, who was thought to be the toughest fighter on the earth. Nothing in life is impossible for anyone who learns to see critical situation differently. The way you see yourself i the way you see the challenges before you, you are not taller than you see yourself before your opponent.


1. Don’t ever conclude your life.

2. You can bounce back.

3. You are what you believe.

4. Impossibility only exist in the mind.

5. Faith can attract all things in your life.

This story is an excerpt from the book “The Secrets Of Champions“.

Ebuka Ewuzie

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