Top 13 Valentine’s Day Gift For Him & Her

Valentine’s Day is almost here again. I guess what’s buzzing your mind right now is how to make that special person in your life feel loved and appreciated. Definitely this can be achieved through the gift you give to them because everyone loves gifts especially the ladies. The question is “ What can I give”,

How To Make Your Dreams Become Reality

7 Ways To Make Your Dreams Come True Someone once said that the richest place on earth is not the gold mine or the crude oil but the graveyard. There are many people with excellent dreams,great visions,and mighty intentions to change the world with their great potentials but their dreams died with them without coming

Give Me My Childhood Back

We were not poor, we were not rich, we were not average, but we were satisfied with what we had. I was not born in the South, neither was it in the West. I couldn’t find a place in neither the East, nor in the scorching sun of the North. I was born in a

The Revolution

First, I want this to be buried in the centre of our hearts that, ‘’the man that says it can’t be done is generally overtaken by someone doing it’’. And trust me nothing can be more embarrassing than that. Our world today is largely on the run and our inability to reinvent ourselves to run

Stubborn Vision

Vision If death could not hold the saviour down , what exactly on earth should have the capacity to hold down our glorious destiny ? Tell me, if you know. We are the masters of this universe and we control it. I meet a lot of young folks that tell me how finances have been

All You Need to Know About Courtship

There is a point in our lives where the transition from single hood to marriage comes to play. The bond or link to get from the former to the latter is termed “COURTSHIP.” What is Courtship? This is an intentional period of relationship between two individuals before marriage. This period entails an in depth study

7 Reasons People Fall In Love

Relationship is quite interesting and fun especially if the feeling is mutual. There are many reasons people fall in love. If it is true love then it should not be intentional. I can say people sometimes don’t fall in love intentionally because love is a natural feeling it happens on it’s own especially at a

The Power Of Influence

The Power Of Influence There is a popular adage that says “Show me your friends and I will tell you who are”. That adage is perfectly true, the people you surround yourself with has the power to shape who you become. The circle of association you keep will determine the level of your progress. A