9mobile Data Plans, Activation Code & Data Volume 2018

Here are 9mobile data plans formerly known as Etisalat. 9mobile data plan are divided into 3 categories, they are: 9mobile Internet Bundles 9mobile smartpaks 9mobile smartphone plan These data plans can be used on Modem, gameconsole, PC, windows, iPOD, smartphones iPAD iOS, Android and other devices that have access to the internet. If you are

Glo Data Plans,Activation Codes And Prices

It’s no doubt that Glo is the leading network provider when it comes to data. That’s why they are called Grand master of data. Also Glo is the cheapest data plans in Nigeria. If you want to see the corresponding MTN Data Plan, Etisalat Data Plan and Airtel Data Plan  click the links. Here’s an updated list of Glo

Top Interesting facts You Need To Know

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Airtel Data Plans & Bundles,Activation Codes And Prices

Airtel is one o the cheapest data provider in Nigeria. If you are looking for MTN Data Plan, please click on the link given. Check out some of Airtel Data plan below, you can subscribe to them by using the codes given below. These data plans can be used on any devices whwether its android, Blackberry,etc. You check your data balance by