7 Reasons People Fall In Love

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Reasons People Fall In Love
Relationship is quite interesting and fun especially if the feeling is mutual. There are many reasons people fall in love. If it is true love then it should not be intentional. I can say people sometimes don’t fall in love intentionally because love is a natural feeling it happens on it’s own especially at a younger age. Someone see someone and immediately they cling because there is a strong chemistry between them.
Here are top reasons people fall in love.

1.Avoiding that lonely feeling – Some people go into relationship because they feel lonely. They are desperate to ease that feeling of loneliness as a result, they end up in an unhealthy relationships.

2.Social Pressure

Pressure can also come from the things you see, read or watch. Seeing your friends in relationship can make you want to be in a relationship.

3. Need for sex

Some people go into relationship because they need sexual satisfaction. If they aren’t getting it, they quit the relationship.

4.Financial security

Sometimes financing yourself can be difficult to handle. Having someone to help, isn’t a bad idea but it can create problem in the relationship if there is over dependency on the other partner.

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5.For Replacement reasons

This is usually happen after a breakup. Breakups can be very painful, in such conditions, people tends to go into relationship with anyone that can ease their pains.

6. Physical Attraction

Physical attractions like beauty, shape, complexion and so on can make one want to go into relationship with another. Physiques is good but it shouldn’t be the only reason for going into a relationship.

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7.For promotion

This usually happens at the place of work. A staff decides to date a higher co-worker or a boss in order to get promoted. This type of relationship most of the times doesn’t go well.

There are so many other reasons why people fall in love. Some fall in love with a person’s personality and character (they just love the way he/she behaves, the charisma and vision about life). Some fall in love with person’s intelligence and brilliant (their smartness and way of handling issues just lures them the individual).

Some fall for a person’s beauty and appearance, some fall for car, some for the material things. So there are numerous reasons people. But a true love comes from within.

Sometimes you can’t just explain why you love him so much, why you are willing to do anything…..that is pure love that never dies because you are with him/her in oblivious of their flaws, looks, styles, etc. It is sad that this kind of love rarely exist but in fairy tales.

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