The Power Of Influence

the power of influence
the power of influence

The Power Of Influence

the power of influence

There is a popular adage that says “Show me your friends and I will tell you who are”. That adage is perfectly true, the people you surround yourself with has the power to shape who you become. The circle of association you keep will determine the level of your progress.

A Young lawyer after graduation from law school decided to establish his own law firm. After much struggle, his frustration was his inability to win cases, get clients or contracts. Being fed up with his with this situation, he decided to approach his father’s friend, a retired chief justice in his community, a highly successful man who is accorded high honour and respect for his integrity and extraordinary feat of success and exploit.

He approached the Chief Justice and asked, “Sir, what do I need to do or what haven’t I done to achieve success after these 5 years of trying and struggling? Please help me sir”. The elderly man looked at him and smiled with this reply “I need you to see me tomorrow at exactly 5pm unfailingly “. “ Wow”, the young lawyer exclaimed as he returned home full of life and expectation of the great wisdom nuggets or support the retired Chief Justice had to offer.

Full of expectation, at exactly 5pm, the young lawyer was already sitting at the lobby of the elderly man. “Great”, said the Chief Justice, “You are here on time. I actually wanted to take a walk within the estate after a long time of not going out and I needed someone to accompany me; I hope you won’t mind?” He asked. Trying not to appear inpatient or selfish the young man obliged. Hoping that when they return from their walk the retired Chief Justice would give him all the necessary wisdom and keys to grow his law firm.

During the walk the elderly man pointed to several beautiful buildings and flowers within the estate “oh how I love all this”, he said. While all this was going on, the young lawyer was beginning to lose his patience and getting upset but still pretended as if all was well.

Later on, the elderly man said, “Oh I am tired of walking, let’s return home.” When they got back home, the elderly man said, “What a nice walk we had there, thanks for keeping me company. You may now go back home. Just make sure you continue doing what you have been doing that is the only advice I have for you.”

The young lawyer not willing to show sign of being disrespectful to the Chief Justice decided to go home to go but more frustrated that when he came to approach the man. He was angry that he called the retired chief justice several bad names. He used unpleasant words and was really angry that he refused to take it his meal that night.

The following day, he went back to his law firm for business as usual. He decided to go late because he lost motivation towards business. Getting they to his office, an amazing surprise was waiting to welcome him. His secretary ran to meet him, “Sir, it is strange, it is strange” she said. “What is strange?” he quizzed. She told him that 10 people were waiting to do business with his firm. That day he completed all the deals. The following day another set of 13 people where there are to hand over some cases to him. The day after, another 25 people representing clients companies and high profiled individuals where there to do business with his firm.

That the same evening after the closing hour, he ran Justice’s house, shouting, “What magic! What magic!! What is the magic? Sir, what have you done to bring me something breakthrough in business?” The elderly man smiled just like he did when he was first approached by the young man and replied – I ONLY ROBBED MY INFLUENCE ON YOU.” When I took you out for a walk all the people in the estate that saw us together discussing and having a nice time developed a new perspective about you. I only recommended you to the public.” The young lawyer learned a great lesson that day and got his life turn around for better. ( An excerpts from “ The Secrets Of Champions.”)

The relationship you keep can determine what will happen in your life . It can make or break you. The relationship you keep is more important than money.

There was a story told of a farmer who was being disturbed every day by a flock of crows in his farm. He was fade up with this, so he decided to do something about it. He loaded his shotgun and laid an ambush along the fencerow, set to blow those disturbing crows out of the sky.

It turns out this farmer had a very sociable parrot that indiscriminately made friends with everybody. The parrot saw the flock of crows he flew over and joined them in an attempt to win them as friends. The farmer saw the crows flying but he didn’t his parrot was flying along with the crows. Then he took careful aim, fired, then jumped out and ran over to see how many crows he had shot.

Lo and behold, there was his parrot lying on the ground with a broken wings and a chipped beak, but still alive. The farmer gently picked him up and took him home, when his children ran out to meet him. They saw the injured parrot, they were sorrowful and asked, “Daddy, what happened?” But before he could answer, the parrot spoke up: “That’s what you get for hanging out with the wrong crowd.” You can never be at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing, if you’re with the wrong crowd. Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm. (Proverbs 13:20).

The law of association states that you become like those with whom you spend time. Who do you spend time with? What is their level of integrity, intelligence, passion and focus? Have friends who lift you up when you are down. Have friends who challenge you to be better than you were. Friends who will encourage and support you to achieve your dreams. If you don’t have friends like the aforementioned, dear readers, then it’s time to have a break. Break every relationship that doesn’t add value to you.

So today choose your friends wisely.

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