Reasons Smartphone Battery Doesn’t Last Long | Solutions To Smartphone Battery Life

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We use our smartphone for a lot of activities without using our laptop. However, one of the major problems of using smartphone is inability for the battery to last long when being used. Furthermore, how long a smart phone’s battery last mainly depends on the mAh of the battery i.e the capacity of the battery.

Apart from mAh of a smart phone’s battery, there are other factors or reasons it doesn’t last for long. These reasons and solutions are stated below.

Reasons Smartphone Battery Doesn’t Last For Long

1. Your phone is on 4G network

Leaving your 4G data always drains your battery. It is advisable to switch off your data connection when you are not using it. If possible, it is better to use WiFi for your data connection.

2. Screen Brightness: Setting your phone’s screen brightness high can decrease how long your battery lasts. Try to reduce it to a moderate level.

3. Background Apps: Some apps do run without you knowing. Some of them are constantly and automatically syncing. Syncing simply means refreshing. When your apps, music, videos and others keeps syncing automatically and constantly, then your battery is unlikely to last long and this will also cost you data. You can use your phone’s device apps manager to stop them.

4. Your phone’s Notification is on Vibration: Do you know that vibration notification consumes more of battery power than the normal sound notification? Yeah it does, if you are not in a meeting it is better to use sound notification than vibration notification.

5. Playing HD games and Videos: No doubt, these two drains the life of battery heavily. So get ready to charge your phone when doing any of these.

6. Hardware Problems: This can be from the battery, it may require you to change it. Also it can be from the phone’s IC board. In this case , you will need a phone engineer to fix it.

7. Bluetooth and WiFi: Don’t always leave your Bluetooth and WiFi on. If you aren’t using it, switch it off.

How To Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Long

Yeah, I guess this the moment you have been waiting for….the solution!

There is a app that can actually help you in saving your phone’s battery, it is called Datally. It’s a mobile data manager from google that will help you monitor, save, and gain control of your data. Through tracking and controlling app data usage, you save more data and get the most out of your phone. It helps in restricting all apps on your phone expect the one you permit. It has over 10 millions downloads. You can download Datally from Google play store.

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