See How To Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages

how to read deleted WhatsApp messages
how to read deleted WhatsApp messages
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How to read deleted WhatsApp messages

Have you ever open your whatsapp app and see this “The message has been deleted” and you wished you can be able to see the content of the deleted message. Wish no more, you can now view deleted WhatsApp messages by using this method I will show you.

Let’s get started!

How to read deleted WhatsApp messages someone sent you.

1. To view WhatsApp deleted messages. You will need a third party notification app which records a log of all your notifications. Whether the messages were deleted or not, the app will keep record of it. I will name the apps to use at the end of this article.

2. Download the app and after downloading the app and make it accessible by your phone. That’s the first step you need to take in order to view deleted WhatsApp messages.

Now let me elaborate how this works.

How The App Works

Every WhatsApp notifications it will be sent to this app automatically. So if any user deletes a message, to see the deleted message you have to open the app and see it even if it has been deleted on WhatsApp.

Smiles…it is as easy as that.

Apps To Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Below are the top app you can download from Google play to see WhatsApp deleted messages.

  1. Notification History

  2. Notif Log notification history

  3. WA delete for everyone

  4. Whats Removed

  5. Antidelete: view Deleted WhatsApp messages

  6. Whats Delete: view WA deleted messages and Rescuer.

You can use any of the above apps. They work the same way. Make sure you give any of the apps access. The first time you open any of the apps, it will ask you for permission. Grant the permission and from then on, it will save every notification that you receive, including those messages sent and the one which were later deleted.

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