Stubborn Vision


Stubborn vision


If death could not hold the saviour down , what exactly on earth should have the capacity to hold down our glorious destiny ? Tell me, if you know. We are the masters of this universe and we control it.

I meet a lot of young folks that tell me how finances have been delaying them for destiny? Don’t you get this principle of life, that when you make a decision, the whole force in nature works for you, when will some people get this simple truth.

Don’t you understand you have the capacity to bring things forth from eternity into reality , have you not been told you are carrying God’s life .

Don’t you read the scriptures?? You are where you are today not because of any external force but because you have failed to gather your thoughts together, you have failed to gain dominion over what goes on in your inside.
The universe works on principles , you can put them into activation.

The scriptures begin to talk about us walking by faith, if you want to live your life based on the physical , I bet that you would be frustrated a lot .

Nobody gives you a guarantee, nobody tells you it would be okay , in short people would tell you it is not possible, but you assure yourself, hold your head so high , and keep walking irrespective of your circumstances.

See , let me help you again, Jesus said , my life I lay down ,nobody takes it from me , the same principle works for us. Long time ago, the Lord has given us all we need for life and godliness, you then decide to create your future yourself .

Stop calling your aunty and uncle for help every time , grow up, stop making noise , you have been complaining too much , we don’t care , believe me we don’t , grow up , we not to be helped , we are the helpers , there is too much in us .

You have been running too much , take a break and redefine why you are here, rise above friends that won’t help you , if they don’t challenge you , drop them without been sorry because they have the power to influence you.

Everyday let your confidence in God rise beyond the roof , the nations must hear our voice , we have not come this far to joke , we came for business , in whatever field you are , you must break new grounds, open us to a new dimension.

We are too hungry not to notice a strange man , we would bow before you if you show us something we don’t know before , men would pay any price to just to see you because you carry life. Men would run from east to west just to bless you because you carry solutions. Today, decide to make your life count, refuse a normal life and rise up, if possible pray for an abnormal life, raise your head so high and distinguish yourself. When men are running , you dare to fly , when they decide to fly , c’mon you decide to move by the speed of light.

There is always a fourth dimension and its for men who desire it beyond their life , such men care not about so many things , they focus on one thing and every other thing fall away, so committed!!!
We are the victorious ones….We always win..


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