The Revolution

First, I want this to be buried in the centre of our hearts that, ‘’the man that says it can’t be done is generally overtaken by someone doing it’’.

And trust me nothing can be more embarrassing than that.

Our world today is largely on the run and our inability to reinvent ourselves to run along side with the rest of the world and that will set us behind the train.

One paramount thing at this time is change. Change of thought patterns, mindset, etc.

Many times , I cry when I see some youths like myself speak , am like , why hasn’t this guy grown , he is so shallow.

Sometimes , a lot of people are so deceived because their scope of reality about life is too shallow, they refuse to change. They are like the boy playing chess with his grandfather who cried ,

‘’oh no, not again ! Grandpa you always win !’’
‘’what do you expect me to do ,
‘’Replied the old man , ‘’lose on purpose ?”

“You won’t learn anything if I do that .’’
The boy responded , ‘’I don’t want to learn anything , I just want to win!’’

Story coined from John c Maxwell’s LEADERSHIP GOLD.

Now isn’t that funny to you… just want to win but there are pathways to winning!!!!

You have got to learn it!!!!!!

I read the story of Nike…and I was almost crying when i read about how he began…..
This guy was a Standford university graduate started out with selling shoes at the back of a vehicle. Today he is well known for his brand.

Olaolu mamora said something….”just do it”…..

The nike story was Just a digression….

You know am so sad when I see a lot of young people doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results , just like the boy who expected to win. They expect to survive in these changing times. Someone said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results.

Things are more difficult these days than before and a lot more fierce and trust me nobody gives you a guarantee that your life would amount to anything .

Smiles…..everything tells you no!!!!!

Your parents are even sure to frustrate you☺☺☺☺

A lot of us look at our family and we detest the kind of life we are living but still we have chosen to follow the same path that they took, some of us don’t even know our lives can be much better.

I know your problem, change is difficult , change is tough , but any man that would ever touch relevance must learn how to take risk, must learn how to by faith walk on water as Jesus did.

In my life , I have decided to not always do the normal thing everyone does and am amazed at the hostility I receive from men but that won’t stop me , a focused man is blinded to everything around him except his goals.

I can bet you with my life that to rise above the crowd you must be daring enough, to change the game you must be able to track yourself.

Hear this………until you find an immoveable center in your heart you are not fit to live ….and forget changing the cause of history ….forget evolution. Forget greatness…..I feel like smiling

Some people reading this, can’t relate with all this.

Believe me friends, I have taken bold steps in my life and it changed me and made me.
Yes, I wasn’t laughing when taking the steps , yes I was so scared but I moved notwithstanding. They were chaos moment in my life.

I realized that every success I ever got did something in me.

I knew quite well if I would ever change our world something must change in me.
You should be willing to go out of your way to learn new things, study wide , meet new people , don’t ever be deceived that it is only your world that exist.
Let me end With this note ,

Can we take take our bibles ….
Matthew 3:2 (KJV) And saying, Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.
Loolzzz…..some is thinking i want to preach to them ….looolzzzzz

I want to dazzle you…follow closely please……please

Now the repent in this verse means a change of thought , the word repent is from the root word METANOEO, meta means CHANGE and noeo means TO perceive or to think ,
So, Jesus was Commanding us,saying change your Perception or change your thinking.
If we are going to change our world and cause a revolution or be even relevant in these changing times , something must change in us.

I want you to fully understand that there is no self made man…no self made success.

There is a principle attached
being different. You can’t do everything everyone else does and expect better results.

Now our world is ever changing, patterns, beliefs, systems, technology and even morals and values are being upgraded everyday.

So if this is so, why should a purposeful human who wants to make a difference live just like everyone else.

The point is extra curricular activities were imbibed as a way to tackle the problems in the society at some point, to enable undergraduates in the outside world. But our society has gone 100 steps further.

To meet up, you need something different, something you can call yours. Something that will keep you relevant.
Be revolutionary.

Excel Manume

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