15 Tips To Keep Romance Alive In Your Relationship/Marriage

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Keeping Romance Alive

Romance is very necessary  in a relationship. It is just like a fuel that keeps a relationship going, fun, exciting and worthwhile. Statistics shows that couples that makes efforts to keep their romance alive get rewarded with a happy and fulfilling relationships.

Few years ago, I was invited to Deliver a Speech Somewhere, during my discussion with the couple the host, i was made to understand that they have been Married for over 35yrs. I learned great lessons from the couple that change my relationship life. So this moment, I decided to share it.

In the meantime… here are 15 tips for keeping romance alive and well in your marriage:

1. Realize that love is not just an emotion, it is also a decision! Decide to stay together!

2. Tell your mate “I Love You” everyday, even on days when you don’t feel like it! It is an incredible tonic for growing good relationships.

3. Be around couples who have positive relationships; not people who talk bad about their mates.

4. Talk (communicate) to each other about everything – your dreams, your goals, managing your money, as well as your fears.

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5. Understand your mate is not a mind reader, so don’t think they “Should Know!”

6. Decide early on in your marriage, who will break the tie when there is a stalemate on an issue. And never abuse that position.

7. Disagree about an issue, without being disagreeable.

8. Decide on the “below the belt” items and never use them in agreements (Dee’s is Willie can never holler, and Willie’s is Dee can never threaten to leave).

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9. Study the personality of your mate, so that you can learn to effectively influence, adapt or manage situations.

10. Talk sweet to each other. You get more cooperation with honey than vinegar.

11. Decide how to handle “hot button” issues before they come up i.e. Money, Sex, Child rearing.

12. Give credit to your mate and take responsibility.

13. Establish and keep a weekly date night.

14. NEVER use Sex as a weapon.

15. Get a sense of humor… and have fun!

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