Top 18 Qualities Every woman wants In A Man

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A man may love a woman but doesn’t know how to express it or maybe he thinks that she already knows he deeply loves her, so she doesn’t need to be told or shown. Women are emotional beings, sometimes what’s most important to them might not be material things or money. Every woman wants to feel important and loved by their man. Sometimes, they don’t feel so because they aren’t getting that feeling from their man. Women sometimes hide their feeling about what they want from a man. She appreciates the most if her man does those things without being told. No doubt, every woman is different and requires different things in a relationship and there are lots of differences in they want.

Here are top 17 qualities every woman wants in a man.

1. Always tell her, you love her.

Tell her this everyday, she’s never tired of hearing that. You can do this in many forms. It can be verbally, through sweet text messages. Also, you can whisper into her ear on a calm voice, tell her “I Love You”. This will gladden her soul. You can send her hand written letter, though this may be old fashioned but it works wonders.

2. Spend time with her

This can be achieved by taking her out. Women love dates. Take her to somewhere interesting and fun, maybe to see a movie, to a restaurant, etc. Well that depends on the funds available to you. You can also spend time by taking a walk with her or just sitting with her in a cool and nice place. Your time is one of the greatest gifts you can give her.

3. Never forget her birthday

This is one the most important day of her life. She will love it if it is remembered and celebrated by her man. It shows, how important she is to her man.

4. Compliment her

Every woman loves compliment. It makes them feel better and it boost their self confidence. Compliment her always, compliment her dressing, hairstyle,looks and so on. Tell her she is beautiful/cute but don’t over do it.

5. Honesty

Women dislike men who lies a lot. They want to feel safe with their man and lying does not promote this. Don’t try to be what you aren’t. Be open and honest about your past to her, this will save a lot of troubles in the relationship.

6. A good conversationalist

One of the things that destroys or break relationship is lack of communication. Knowing how to communicate with a woman is one feature women look for in a man. Be real, don’t speak to impress her and talk more of her than you. Talking about me, me, me! shows how proud you can be. Being a good conversationalist doesn’t require you to do the speaking, sometimes it requires you listen when she speaks. She wants to narrate her stories about who offended her, she wants you to reason the matter with her. So you must learn to listen at all times. Women love attention.

7. Caring and Kind man

Definitely every woman wants a caring and kind man. A man who will there for her and able to share her burdens with and also he is kind to her and other people.

8. A strong man

Being strong isn’t just only about the physical but also mentally. Women wants to be around their man, knowing he can protect her. A man she can rely on, that can advice her and support her no matter what.

9. A good appearance/Look

Good looks attracts some women to a man. When it comes to men, good looks is not limited to only the facial look but also the way he dresses, smiles, postures and so on

10. Financially secure

Definitely every woman wants a good life. She wants a man that can provide her needs, lovely things money can get.

11. Faithfulness

Unfaithfulness is one the reasons why relationship fails. Women love it when their man is faithful and has eye only for her.

12. Good sense of humour

This is obviously one of the greatest qualities every woman wants in a man. A man that can make her laugh, that doesn’t mean you have to be a comedian. A good sense of humor isn’t just always being the joke-cracker, but also appreciating when other people are funny too, including her.

13. Adore her

Every woman is a queen and she needs a king that will adore her like the queen she is, she wants to be pampered, loved and cared for, above all she wants to be envied by

other women. So when you treat her like a queen she will reciprocate that gesture because women respects men that adore them.

14.A real man

Some men are classified as boys because they don’t know what they want, they go for anything on skirt and drinks to stupor. She wants her man to be responsible, strong, brave to face life’s challenges. She wants a man with vision.

15. A God fearing Man

7 out of every woman want this quality. Naturally women Love God because of the softness of their heart. So they love men who are God fearing, because they know that a man that loves and fears God will never treat them badly.

16. A man that cares for his mother

Men do not know that women admire them when they care for their mom, it gives them confidence that they value women and will take care of them as well.

17. Men that are focused and Hard working

No Woman wants to marry a lazy man that will not be able to take care of her even if you don’t have much now. She wants to be assured you can cater for her needs and you are focused.

18. A man that consistently make progress

This was the response of a lady on this topic. She said, it is not all about the money, no woman will want to leave a man who consistently make progress.

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