How To Make Your Dreams Become Reality

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Dream to reality

7 Ways To Make Your Dreams Come True

Someone once said that the richest place on earth is not the gold mine or the crude oil but the graveyard.

There are many people with excellent dreams,great visions,and mighty intentions to change the world with their great potentials but their dreams died with them without coming to reality.Cast your mind on the various inventions that are shaping the world and several people who through their dreams and actions have affected several generations.

Can you imagine the world without electricity, automobile, drugs for medical treatment among others?
These inventions and innovations are results of dreams,visions and actions of. some people.

Do you have a dream or concept growing in your mind that can make you a blessing to this generation and even unborn generations?

I will love to share at least 7 tips that will help you to transform your dream to reality.

1. Faith and Patience
One of the devastating things to happen to your dream is not having faith in your dream.
Your dream is dead if you do not believe in it.
The key step to achieving your dream is having deep rooted faith in God and pursuing your dream with patience.
To have faith,write it down and make it plain so that you can read it and remind yourself that you have somewhere you are going.
This will generate in you the faith required and to keep believing and working at it patiently Till they are fulfilled.

2. Seek and take divine Guidance
The best of plans can fail because as human we are limited by time and space. We do not know what will befall us tomorrow or what event will happen in a place.
Thus, we have to take divine guidance in all that we do. Learn to seek God’s face for guidance and obey his leading because he knows all things and his direction cannot mislead you into failure.

3. Take action, overcome inertia
One of the forces that govern the world is the Law of Inertia.
Your dream will be at the dream level until you take actions.
Therefore, enough of talking,take action. A major difference between the Successful and the unsuccessful, the Fulfilled and the unfulfilled is Action.

4. Start Little but maintain constant growth
There’s a saying that the only place where you start from the top is the grave. The appropriate growth process is to Start little.
Many young people today want to start from the top.
They want to follow the fast track and get the best of life.
The desires to be successful have made them forget that life requires a principle of Delayed Gratification.
If you refuse to start a little but take concerted steps at a steady growth,you will jeopardize the realization of your dreams because of today’s mundane, transient pleasures.

5. Be focused at your goal
One of the major hindrances to achieving one’s dream is lack of focus. It is not possible to face an opposite direction or various directions to your dream and expect to achieve something significant.
Distractions will surely come to weaken and discourage you. It is not enough to take actions, start little and grow consistently.
It is also important you start in a right direction and be focused.
Imagine a football field with many goal posts,their will be a lot of confusions.
It is possible to break a hard rock in a short time when one focuses on hitting it hard at a particular point.
Being focused is very important in turning your dreams to reality.

6. Set achievable, measurable goalsThe achievement of your dream is strongly dependent on your ability to break your actions down into smaller steps that will lead you to the fulfilment of the dreams.
These steps may be short,medium,or long term goals which must be set in achievable and measurable terms.
Steve Covey says that some of the 7 habits of highly effective people are that they begin with the end in mind and put first thing first.
If you begin with the end in mind,then you need to break the end down into simple steps and daily actions that will help you get there.
Identity what is hindering your achievement and make change that will redirect you into fulfilling your dreams.


7. Prayerfully enlist helpers
The fulfilment of your dream may be impossible if there are no helpers that will lift you up on the way. You need to pray to God to raise help. This does not mean you should go about seeking help because that will amount to trusting man which will definitely hinder the fulfilment of your dreams. The end point of the all whole matter is, always reply on God for direction.
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