The Value Of Character In Life

Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live as well as think.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The value of character in life can never be underestimated. It is the foundation of successes. Here’s is a story on the value of character.

A company had some positions that were vacant in their organization. So they decided to put out an advert asking those who were qualified for the positions to apply. Eighty applications were received. During the interview 60 were screened out because they were not qualified for the position.

The company had to adopt a little change in their recruiting process because they needed only 10 people, but the 20 guys and ladies that remained were good. So they decided to go to their board room for a brief meeting. During the meeting one of the men in the room suggested a brilliant idea.

He said, “Since all the candidates are qualified for the position they are applying for, let’s just give them a simple test. Let’s take all of them to lunch;

we will be testing them on two things:

1. Their character

2. Table manners

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From there we can select those we want. The idea was well accepted by members of the board. So they went back to the remains 20 candidates and told them that they were all qualified for the respective jobs they applied for, hence would be taking all of them out for lunch to celebrate the moment.

All the 20 candidates became so excited that most started saying, “Wow, what kind of job interview is this that you are given lunch?” So the company brought out their vehicle to convey all of them to the place where they would have their lunch.

As each of them were going inside the vehicle they were given a bottle water, as the vehicle kicked off, a young beautiful lady at the back seat, after she was done with her bottle water, opened the window and threw the empty bottle of water out of the window. The man that was taking note of them said, “I don’t need to waste time on this one, minus one.” She never knew she had lost that job at that moment.

When they got to where they would take their meal, the meal was served, 11 of them forgot to make use of their cutleries to take their meat, and they left everything on the table and started using their hands to take the meat. The man looks at them and said, “These ones will never be in my company.”

Eleven of them lost the job opportunity because of their character. They have all the credential but their character messed them up. (You can ask Cee c of BBN, she will tell you more on character)

You can have all the intelligence, talents, skills and ability in the world, but if people do not trust you, you will never get ahead. People will not hire you, and if they do, they will de-hire you as soon as possible.

A wise man once posited, “All advancement in society begins with the development of the character of the young.” This means that advancement in your life begins with the learning and practice of values.

We do not often think of character as having such a direct effect on our successes or failures. But when we consider the individual qualities that together make up a person’s character; we can easily see that it is true. Character really does determine success.

Story: An excerpt from The Secrets Of Champions.

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