What Is Really School For? | Read This And Change Your Thoughts About School

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what is school For

Wake up! It’s time for school, time to get dressed and sit at your desk to stress and test with the rest to see who’s the best. A 16 years quest!

Allow me to digress.

What is school for?

Now please, I understand how lucky I am to live in a country where there’s freedom to receive an education and believe me. I pledge allegiance but what is it for.

When a report card is more of obedience than intelligence. A way of keeping score to ensure that the doorway of opportunity is wide open, so long as you keep your hand raised and mouth shut.

Preparing students for a world that looks completely different by the time they leave. Pushing them to achieve rather than intrigue and we believe that this is the path to success.

What are teaching them? That the ACT , SAT is a measure of who you’ll be and all we see is just a number. But the problem with that is with a standardized test, all you teach a student to be, is just that, ‘standard’, ‘average’, ‘unremarkable’.

Is this really the goal, to create a globalization of standardization, a simplification of individualization. Please will someone bring a revolution to this institution. An execution of this illusion that in-state or out-of-state.

The only goal is to graduate and on that date feel great because you’ve won, because in reality, you haven’t even begun. For most , 4 years of university, thinking amounts to nothing more than a piece of paper and plastic cups clinking, binge drinking with a sinking feeling that a job is probably not on the horizon.

The only shore bet we get is a lap full of debt and the head full of facts were soon to forget. Forget psychology, you majored in loan payments with a minor in Red Solo cup. Remember French history? No, you majored in frat parties with a minor in no real world experience.

Now, I’m not saying that school or college is a bad thing but what is it for?

  • Is it about making grade or is it about learning to make a difference.
  • Is it about keeping quiet or is it about discovering your gifts.
  • Is it about learning to walk in a single file line or it about forging your own path.

The dictionary defines “education as the process of receiving systematic instruction”. I think that, regardless of how you might treat them, children are not numbers. You can’t set them into a simple system that consistently sets everyone to be the same in a setting, set forth by industrialist, a hundred years ago teaching factory workers to be tamed. So call it something different, we need a new name or definition.

The second definition of education is “an enlightening experience“….I like that. Friends, it is essential that we get intention to make school more experiential. Let teachers be more influential than referential because only then will both they and their students reach their full potential.

They deserve more because they’re what schools for. Friends let’s fight to make school more bright removing trite regulations and political spite and please let the teacher be there for more than simply telling you if you’re right.

Let’s bring in the light and if 3-4 minutes invited a change in your sight on this issue. Then this slight rhyme might have been worth the time it took to write .

Hey school, it’s time for a change. Wake up! It’s time for school to go to school.

Spoken Words by Jon Jorsengson

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