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Zwerl App- Is Zwerl Scam | Zwerl Reviews

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Zwerl is a platform that pays its user to chat, ask and answer questions. It has both App and website where you can easily chat, ask and answer questions on the go. This program is designed for those who want to make some money by sharing their knowledge but the question is, is Zwerl scam?

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I guess you wouldn’t want to waste your precious time and data on something useless. In this article, I will show all you need to know about zwerl. Let’s get the ball rolling.2


Zwerl have over 150 topics.
Art and Design : Art – Photography
Business: Accounting – Finance – Startups – Sales – Marketing – Human Resources
Coding: C++ – CSS – HTML – Java – JavaScript – PHP – Python
Entertainment: Betting Tips – Book Tips – Gaming – Movie Tips – Music Tips
Fashion: Makeup – Men’s Fashion – Women’s Fashion
Health: Counselling – Drugs – Fitness – Medical – Nutrition
Home: Cooking – DIY – Gardening – Pets – Sushi – Wine
Legal: Commercial Law – Contract Law – Corporate Law – Criminal Law – Family Law – Employment Law – Personal Injury Law
News: Business News – Entertainment News – Science News – Tech News – UK News – US News – World News – Weather
Relationships: Dating – Parenting – Sex Advice
Sport: Athletics – Baseball – Basketball – Boxing – Cricket – Football (Soccer) – Formula 1 – Golf- Ice Hockey – Rugby – Tennis – Volleyball
Translation: French/English – Italian/English – Spanish/English
Travel: Bangkok – Istanbul – London New York City – Paris – Singapore – Amsterdam – New Delhi
Tutoring: Biology – Chemistry – Economics – Education Guidance – English – Geography – History- Mathematics – Music – Philosophy – Physics – Politics – Psychology – Religious Studies

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How To Get Started On Zwerl App

You just need to create an account remember that this app is about experts. So, be professional. Set up your profile and fill out all the necessary information needed.

After setting your profile, then you can start asking or answer questions. You can answer or ask questions from any of the aforementioned topics.

Make sure your answers are relevant to the questions. You must use English when speaking. You are prohibited to speak any other language besides English.

How Do I Make Money With Zwerl?

You can make money through Zwerl rewards which comes in form of badges, reputation, community bonus and monetary bonuses.

Badges are earned when you answer or ask questions at zwerl or by just being on zwerl every day. Reputation is given to experts who are endorsed by users and other experts for giving helpful answers in a chat.

Lastly, monetary bonuses are given to experts who give helpful answers based on their reputation. This is the logic here, the more helpful answers you give the greater you earn.

Note: Be sure you vote at the end of the chat, you have to do this to be eligible for payment. Vote for the one you think that gave the best answer. Once you leave the chat early you should use the “I don’t know” option on the endorsement screen.

For each calendar day (based on UTC/GMT) that you ask a question, you’ll get a 4% Community Bonus – this means zwerl app will add 4% to any earnings you make on that day.

  • The 4% Community Bonus will keep building to a maximum of 20% for every day that you ask a question. It will increase in multiples of 4 (an example is shown below).
  • Each day you don’t ask a question, your Community Bonus drops by 4%.
  • Once you ask again, the Community Bonus goes up by 4%.
  • Making a Favorite chat request or asking a Customer Service question won’t count towards the Community Bonus.
  • The Community Bonus won’t be applied to Favorited chat requests that you answer.
  • The Community Bonus will be included in your earnings for each activity period you have qualified for it. It will not be listed separately in your earnings.


(All experts start on 0%)

  • Day 1, chat request: 4% bonus
  • Day 2, chat request: 8% bonus
  • Day 3, chat request: 12% bonus
  • Day 4, no chat request: 8% bonus
  • Day 5, chat request: 12% bonus
  • Day 6, chat request: 16% bonus
  • Day 7, chat request: 20% bonus
  • Day 8, chat request: 20% bonus
  • Day 9, Customer Service chat request: 16% bonus
  • Day 10, no chat request: 12% bonus

If you have not yet created a chat request, then you will see this Community Bonus box on each of your My Topics pages:

Once you start creating chats, you’ll begin to see that your Community Bonus increases:

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Badges Available On Zwerl

Badges are grouped into three categories depending on the level of contribution required to achieve them, with Bronze being one of the easiest to achieve, followed by Silver and Gold as they get more difficult to achieve. The number of Badges you have won in each category is shown to users with your Simple Answer at the beginning of every chat.

Badges available for answering questions


  • Curious – Joined a chat
  • Teacher – Participated in a chat
  • Observer – Watched a chat without sending a message
  • Nice answer – Endorsed by 25% of chat participants
  • Unsung hero – Unanswered chat: endorsed by 50% of chat participants


  • Enlightened – Best Simple Answer and endorsed by user
  • Guru – Most helpful and endorsed by 25% of chat participants
  • Quick thinker – Short chat: endorsed by 25% of chat participants
  • Good answer – Endorsed by 50% of chat participants


  • Great answer – Endorsed by 75% of chat participants
  • Master – Endorsed by all other chat participants

Badges available for asking questions


  • Inquisitive – Asked your first question
  • Supporter – Endorsed your first expert
  • Patron – Favorited your first expert
  • Advocate – First favorited expert chat finished
  • Socratic – Asked a question over 50 characters long


  • Good question – Had 5 or more active experts in a chat


  • Great question – Had 10 or more active experts in a chat

Badges available for regularly using Zwerl


  • Enthusiast – Active 2 days running (days are counted as the 24-hour period following each time you are active on Sphere)
  • Scholar – Asked and answered in the same day


  • Devotee – Active 7 days running
  • Thinker – Asked 10 questions
  • Explainer – Answered 10 chats


  • Fanatic – Active 28 days running
  • Intellect – Asked 100 questions
  • Illuminator – Answered 100 chats

Badges available for receiving and giving message likes


  • Sponsor – Liked at least 1 message in a chat
  • Popular – Received at least 1 like in a chat


  • Moderator – Liked 5 messages in a chat
  • Notable – Received 5 likes in a chat
  • Psychic – Liked a message another user later liked


  • Reviewer – Liked 10 messages in a chat
  • Famous – Received 10 likes in a chat
  • Omniscient – Liked a message 5 more users later liked

Badges available for participating in rooms


  • Instigator – Created your first room
  • Tourist – Joined your first room
  • Writer – Sent a message in a room


  • Talkative – Sent 50 messages in rooms in a day
  • Resident – Joined your first 5 rooms
  • Contributor – Sent a message in 5 rooms


  • Citizen – Joined your first 10 rooms
  • Correspondent – Sent a message in 10 rooms


How is reputation awarded?

  • +100 for an expert getting a most helpful endorsement from another expert
  • +200 for an expert for getting the best answer endorsement from the user

Note: When you ask a question, at that moment you are a user and you answer a question, you are an expert at that moment.

How Are Your Earnings Calculated?

Earnings are calculated based on your Badges and Reputation.

The Reputation Score you’ve attained to, assign you to a Reputation Level. As you answer more questions, your Reputation Score increases likewise your Reputation Level will increase and the amount you’ll be able to earn for successfully answering a question will also increase.

The Reputation Levels are as follows:

For example, if you have a Reputation score of 300, you can earn up to $1.10 per chat.


Your earnings also take into account the number of endorsements you receive at the end of each chat, so if you receive 50% of the endorsements for a chat you’ll earn 50% of your Reputation Level maximum. For example if you have 2K Reputation and receive 36% endorsement in a chat you’ll receive $0.60 for that chat (66% of $1.30).

If you don’t receive any earnings from group chats, it could be because:

  1. You have not received endorsements from the user or other experts.
  2. You voted ‘I don’t know’ at the end of the chat. Our guidelines state that to be eligible for payment you need to vote at the end of each chat. Voting means choosing the expert that gave the most helpful answer in the chat, or voting for no one. If you leave a chat early, you should use the “I don’t know” option on the endorsement screen, however please be aware that this means you will be ineligible for payment.
  3. The user voted ‘no one’ at the end of the chat, indicating that their question was not answered. If the user votes ‘no one’, then this is considered an unanswered question, making all participants ineligible for any payment.
  4. The user did not send any messages, and did not leave a vote at the end of the chat. We consider this to be an inactive chat, and do not issue payments to experts.
  5. You were part of the group chat for less than 30 seconds. If you leave before 30 seconds you may be ineligible to vote.

When Will I get paid?

Zwerl pays at the end of each month and you must have a minimum of $20 in order to receive payments. The company pays through Paypal or wire transfer. So make sure you provide the right payment details which includes your complete name and bank details.

Here’s a cool thing. If you will use my special link, You’ll have an extra $5 when you reach 500 reputations. So download the app here and or enter this referral code on the app –7WOZSG

Is Zwerl a Scam?

From my experience, Zwerl App is NOT a scam as you can see in this article about Zwerl, there is nothing fishy about the platform. It’s a matter of how much time you can delicate to this platform.

You can download and sign up for Zwerl app here.

Earning Proof

zwerl app earning proof

If you have any question about zwerl, comment below.

It is said, you don’t often get what you didn’t ask for, so I plead that you share this article with others before you leave this page.

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  1. Rufa

    Thix is a scam. .Earned more thab $1000 and suspend me at almost payday. I have unlock level 8. Abd have 264k reputation. Now it is removed in play store. Hope no one will get victimized. It broke and tore me apart

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